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Galaxy of Heroes

Currenly a member of the "Is Not Your Father" guild.

Here is a guild for newer players (level 35 to 80).  I have tried to be brief, but Galaxy of Heroes is a complex game, so there is a lot of information here.  It might be wise to read through things a little at a time.

Your first priority is to make sure that you log in every day.  If you skip a day, then you will not get the bigger bonuses at the end of the month.  The second priority is to complete your daily activities.  There are a number of good rewards that you receive when you do this.  As you progress in the game, there will be more and more daily activities that you will need to accomplish in order to finish them all.  And the third priority is to check the current guild activity.  It will list the next day's challenge too, in case you want to plan ahead.

Here are the different sections to guide:
Squad Arena
Galactic War Nodes
Fleet Arena
Tank Takedown
Character suggestions
Light Side Battles
Dark Side Battles
Catina Battles
Squad Arena Rewards
Galactic War Node Rewards