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Galaxy of Heroes - Character (light battles)

Level 1
Jedi Consular* - fast healer, useful for awhile. (good pilot)
Count Dooku - fun to play with his stun ability and counter strike.
Royal Guard* - very little damage, but stun is great, and will save many with his auto-taunt.

Level 2
Rey** - take a long time to get, but she does some of the most damage of any character of the game.
Talia - one of the few dark side healers, but very weak.

Level 3
Luminara Unduli* - one of the best starting characters you will use for a long time.
Clone Wars Chewbacca - high health, easy to level up, but eventually runs out of usefulness.

Level 4
CT-5555 Fives - very useful for any team.

Level 5
Jedi Knight Anakin - can be very hard to kill, and good attacker.
Ahsoka Tano - strong jedi with healing. (good pilot)

Level 6
Luminara UInduli* - see above