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Oracle's Breath FAQ

How do I improve my skill level?
When you start the game, you have 500 skill point to spend on improving the hero character. As you progress through the story, you will occasionally get additional skill points (especially if you choose something noble or clever). Also, you can sometimes gain skill points by using one of your skills to overcome an obstacle. But the quickest way to get more skill points is through combat, with each encounter is worth a certain number of skill points.

Which skills are the best?
There are many ways to win the game, so there is no small set of skills that are the best. As you would expect, magic spells can be extremely powerful, but cost the most. If your hero is going to be on the front line, then investing in Hit Points and Weapon Defense will make you a less likely target for your foes to pick. If your hero is going to be behind the front line, then try taking a second level Fireball spell, or Summon Wolf. Just remember, your hero doesn’t have to do everything. Just have him do one (or a few) things well, and hire mercenaries whom have different strengths.

How does combat work?
During combat there are several random rolls that happen. Every time a roll is needed, the computer basically flips a coin for the number of times specified and counts the number of times heads came up. For instance, if a level 2 roll is needed, then 25% of the time the result will be 0, 50% of the time the result will be 1, and 25% of the time the result will be 2.

Once you have picked a target, the attacker rolls with his attacking skill (the hero starts with a Cutlass which uses the Sword skill). The defender rolls with his Weapon Defense skill. If the defense rolls is higher, then the attack failed and the next character gets a turn. If the attack succeeded, then roll randomly for the damage listed for the weapon, subtract for armor and shields, and the remainder is the number of Hit Points subtracted from the target. Once a character’s hit points go to zero, they are dead. Combat continues until all the enemy characters are dead, or the Hero is dead.

How do spells work in combat?
There are 3 types of magic spell that a player can use: Missiles, Summoning, Disable.

Missile spells work much like a bow. Your attack roll is the level of the missile spell that you are using and the target defends with their Magic Resist level. Damage is done as listed for the spell. Armor and shields protect against damage.

Summoning spells create another character(animal) to fight for you in battle. You roll your against the skill level of the spell. Anything over 0 will successfully create a create a creature. You do not pick a target, so there is no defense roll and no damage.

Disable spells weaken your opponents. Your attack roll is the level of the disable spell that you are using and the target defends with their Magic Resist level. If the spell is successful, then the target will have a penalty on all skill rolls (attack and defense) for the next 2 rounds of combat.